In this blog, I would announce to the community my favorite Dubstep tracks and how I feel about the growing genre. I'm actually attempting to make Dubstep, so I'll eventually start posting tracks when their done. I came up with a name "The Deadly Vipers" based off the group of assassins in Kill Bill. The Deadly Vipers consists of three people inspiring to become decent producers. FYI we don't just like Dubstep so expect a bit more. In the future I'll get into more details about the members. The first track will be called Midget Power. I'll post a video to give a better understanding of the work in progress. When its done it'll definitely be a banger and we plan to submit it to UKF. Get ready...

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31st May 2011

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Excision and Datsik - 8 Bit Superhero

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30th May 2011

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Chase & Status - Time Ft. Delilah (Dream Remix)

too fucking epic!

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28th May 2011

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Skream - Anticipation feat. Sam Frank 

super ravey! enjoy!

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27th May 2011

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Trolley Snatcha - Nasty Shit

Trolley is one heavy motherfucker, go ahead take a listen. 

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26th May 2011

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Funtcase & Genetix - Doomed 

Your clothes will be off if you bump this song. also beware of ear infections. 

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26th May 2011

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I haven’t

really been posting much tunes, but I’m back! and I’m going to shit on all the bad dubstep blogs…

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26th May 2011

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Caspa - Back For The First Time

I’m back from the dead to only bring you the best bangers. No Bullshit…

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20th May 2011

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deadmau5 is the justin bieber of dance music

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20th May 2011

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I fucking hate religion. The world is not ending tomorrow, jesus is not coming back. god damnit stop the bullshit.

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18th May 2011

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I yell this at people 

I yell this at people 

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